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Corporate Sustainability

Our Approach

Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture, and we are an internationally recognized leader in the field.

At Greenframe, sustainability is about using our scale and our expertise to enable a more responsible, balanced and sustainable future. We strive to become an even more sustainable company by maximizing the positive impact we have on all of our stakeholder groups while minimizing our negative impact throughout the value chain.

Sustainability is a distinct and integral part of the Greenframe Business Principles. These are fundamental overarching beliefs and behaviours that guide our decisions and allow us to embody the Greenframe brand in everything we do.

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Corporate Sustainability: About
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Value to society

We add more than just financial value to society. We add value to society through our operations, supply chain and services.

  • Sustainability services: we enable our customers to adopt more sustainable business practices and to create more sustainable products, technologies and services

  • Corporate sustainability programs: internally, we promote our own social, environmental and economic performance via local and global initiatives

  • Engagement activities and external partnerships: we combine our knowledge and expertise to deliver scalable programs, both internally and with external stakeholders, that contribute to sustainable development

To understand our value creation and make better strategic decisions, we have developed our Impact Valuation Framework, which aims to quantify and monetize our positive and negative impacts on society beyond our financial return.

Corporate Sustainability: Welcome
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Carbon Neutrality 

Greenframe minimizes the impact of its processes and operations on the environment. This is achieved by following a carbon neutrality strategy, seeking to use resources efficiently and working to deliver sustainable value for society.

Since the foundation, we have been aiming to reduce CO2 emissions at source through our sustainability programs and offsetting any remaining or unavoidable emissions. This carbon neutral strategy bridges the gap between the current reality and a more sustainable future.

Corporate Sustainability: About Me

Why Is carbon neutrality important to us

Climate change has widespread economic, political and social consequences. As a global company, we are concerned with both the potential impact on the communities we operate in and the effect on our clients’ businesses.

Our carbon neutrality strategy is based on several different approaches:

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Commitment to lead role in tackling the climate change

We strongly believe it is important for us to show leadership in global efforts to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, both by reducing our carbon emissions and helping other businesses to do the same. Our Business Principles highlight our focus on managing our climate change impacts and our progress towards our Sustainability Ambitions 2020 to reduce our CO2 emissions demonstrates our commitment to doing so.

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Improving efficiency and addressing future risks

We promote the reduction of energy consumption at source through processes such as energy efficiency in buildings and mobility programs. We incentivize efficiency efforts by requiring all affiliates to pay for offsetting their emissions. Climate change has been identified as a risk area for Greenframe in all our policies and strategies. Mismanaged energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions could lead to increased costs, regulatory fines and business disruption.

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Commitments to community

In line with our community investment strategy, we support carbon-offsetting projects that directly benefit local communities, for example, by improving air quality or boosting the local economy. Providing a decent living and basics such as education to all.

Corporate Sustainability: Clients

Our active contributions 

Corporate Sustainability: Services
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Helping HIV+ orphans

Our commitment to better education and opportunities for all 

We are partnered with an NGO supporting the livelihood and education of HIV+ kids. It is a home of 60 unprivileged kids who are truly blessed by talent & positivity. HIV+ and AIDS are still taboo in India. We not only support education but also help the NGO create events and drives for HIV+ and AIDS awareness to educate people.

Little bundles of Joy 

Bring smile on a stranger's face 

We do something for someone completely stranger in unexpected ways on completely unanticipated occasions. Giving a blanket to someone dying in the cold or giving a plate of food to someone hungry brings the next level of joy. UNCONDITIONALLY

Medical Aid

Fulfilling the necessities 

We also donate medical kits for those in need. Our clients choose the equipment they want to donate and for specific requirements. Last year we donated more than 1000 masks and 500 basic sanitizers and toiletries to small clinics and daily wages workers. Also, medicines for chronic patients and lifetime medical conditions such as diabetes. We plan to donate more extensive equipment in the coming months.

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